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Montoro Caffe / Coffee

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Montoro Coffee LLC.

Our coffees are hand picked and washed by Colombian families with generations of Coffee Growing experience and then roasted and cupped in the United States to ensure only the finest quality, flavor, and aroma, goes into each bag or pod ordered and supplied to YOU shipped via USPS Priority Mail within ( 3 ) days of roasting to ensure freshness and quality !

We recommend purchasing " WHOLE BEAN " and grinding it at home or office to give you the best and freshest flavor and coffee experience possible.


We remain Available " ONLINE" in the USA and Canada as well as Selected Locations in Colombia, South America

Montoro Coffee 

Montoro Coffee LLC.

100% Single Origin Colombian Specialty Coffee

Pacho Parilla 

Open Daily ( Except Wednesday )

Montoro Coffee LLC.

Rated 85+ on the Specialty          Coffee Association Scale of          1 -> 100 

Profile in cup: In this PACAMARA variety with this washed process we have a medium body coffee with fruity notes , citric, lime, cane sugar, berries, and a hint of chocolate. All characteristics mentioned are by nature due the type of soil in our region, altitude, type of process among other facts.

available in 8oz. and 16oz. and 32oz. bags Drip / Filter Grind

available in 8oz. and 16oz. and 32oz. bags Espresso Grind

available in 8oz. and 16oz. and 32oz. bags Whole Bean 

Montoro Coffee LLC.

              we source superior quality green coffee beans, roast them to perfection just for you, and create your finished coffee products. Our Expert Master Roaster ensures your coffee beans meet your exact specifications to create an incredible tasting brew.