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What They're Saying about Montoro Coffee ... 

  •              Robert Johnston, [2/17/2022 6:33 PM] I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Bob Johnston, CBC, owner of Montoro Coffee through the course of my work at Salesfloor. Bob has built relationships with coffee growers worldwide and has built a business of supplying the highest quality coffee to aficionados like me on both wholesale and retail levels.
  •  I lamented being in Canada and thus unable to buy Kona coffee from him since he ships nationally through the US. He offered to coordinate with his Hawaiian grower and ship me some glorious beans to Canada, despite it being a small sale that really wouldn't be worth his time. He warned me that it wouldn't be cheap. Despite this, it's still far less expensive than it would be buying through Amazon or other online coffee suppliers. 
  • That, I think, is a testament to the relationships that Bob has built because, in my experience, it is very difficult for small businesses to compete with massive companies on a price point level. Meeting Bob has been a highlight of my week. 
  • He reached out to us at Salesfloor about an e-book we produced and that simple request made me aware of his business and introduced me to a wonderful person. 
  •  This is the power of networking and reinforces my love of small businesses. If you are in the market for high quality coffee, I encourage you to check out his website and get to know Montoro's terrific owner, Bob!  #coffee #retail #networking #smallbusiness Robert Johnston, [2/17/2022 6:34 PM] From Jennifer content mgr- now customer with https://salesfloor.com in Quebec, Canada  

" What They're Saying "

Olga Beary -  Fine Grounds , Spokane, WA" 
Are you looking for a perfectly smooth cup of coffee that harmoniously partners with the aroma of the beverage? Montoro Coffee has that perfect coffee!!! Every cup is the perfect cup with their real Italian coffee flavor!"

Mark Jaklovsky Cafe Jose Coffee Co.
"Robert is reliable, passionate about coffee and very well connected for specialty Colombian varieties."

Sharon Davis Sunrise Coffee of FL 
Highly Recommended
"Terrific working with others. "

Tim Howard Blind Coffee Roasters 
Highly Recommended
"Super easy to work with. Great experience."

Dashiell Crigler  Arusha Savorings LLC 
Highly Recommended
"Cool. Business to business with great opportunities and benefits."

Mike Morkert Java Plus 
Highly Recommended
"Love this coffee"

Larry Miller SEO After Coffee
 Highly Recommended
"A+ Java"

Roger Bishop Bouncin' Bean Coffee & Tea Cafe  
Highly Recommended
"Honest and dedicated to the craft of coffee"

Julie Kratzer Green Pod Coffee Packing 
Highly Recommended
"great coffee, great people!"

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